Nature’s variety in all its glory

The world of theMaryfield

theMaryfield is teeming… …with characters that come in all the colours of the rainbow and are just as unique. After all, we love diversity and foster it wherever we can, just like Mother Nature herself. That is why we have a place for everyone, big or small, round or narrow, light or dark, lively, elegant or feisty.

We don't do boredom – and that is also true for our flavours. The best flavours develop in spaces where we respect the nature of the individual and where we treat our environment and the people around us fairly. That is the goal that everyone at theMaryfield pursues: to preserve the delicious variety of nature in order to help others enjoy life to the full!

Our colourful
organic range

We believe that organic products make sense. After all, nature’s glorious variety is best preserved through organic farming – unadulterated, with all its colours, flavours and precious ingredients intact.

Organic Pulses

(8 Products)

These little organic fellows contain the very best that nature has to offer and are particularly rich in protein. To top it all, they are also completely gluten-free!

Organic Ancient grains

(3 Products)

The particularly precious combination of nutrients contained in organic ancient grains is a true source of eternal life. But their younger relatives also stand out for their high-powered blend of minerals and trace elements.

Organic Pseudocereals

(4 Products)

Our organic pseudocereals are anything but “wannabe" grains. These nutrient bombs are rich in protein and bursting with vitamins and fibre, with absolutely no gluten in sight.

Organic Seeds

(3 Products)

Our organic seeds are true creatures of luxury. They are dazzlingly rich – in unsaturated fatty acids, that is. When it comes to gluten content, they are poor indeed: because that is a big fat zero!

Organic Flour

(5 Products)

Sometimes, we need to break up old structures in order to discover new potential – just like with our range of precious organic flours, where beans are turned into cakes! Surprising, delicious and packed with nutrients.

Season's favourites

Step into fall with us!

At theMaryfield, we love every season. But some of us reach their top form in fall, warming us from the inside out and putting us in the mood for the first cooler evenings of the season…

Lydia Redfox

Organic Red Lentil

Cheeky Lydia adores soups and likes to throw everything together in the same pot – as long as the resulting mix is colourful, she's happy. And with a bundle of energy like Lydia around, that first achoo really doesn't stand a chance!

Sam Honeyblonde

Organic Yellow Lentil

Zippy Sam likes to keep things simple. After all, why make life harder than it needs to be? Light and fresh-tasting street food is certainly the easiest way to enjoy fall.

Lady Chi Chi Roundbottom

Organic Chickpea

The joys of fall are felt all over the world. Lady Chi Chi should know, as she loves all things exotic. Her spicy curries will refresh your spirits for at least 1001 nights!


theMaryfield offers exclusively organic, sustainably farmed products


theMaryfield offers mostly gluten-free organic products


theMaryfield cultivates rare and
ancient grains


theMaryfield works with the greatest respect for nature and humankind

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