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…of vision meeting passion

Products of a unique quality, made with the greatest possible care and infused with a love of nature. That's the secret of our unusual pseudocereals, ancient grains, pulses and seeds.

Our commitment to farming

We could have called this section “Philosophy". But that’s not how we roll. Our professional background is organic farming and we believe in what we do and we live, work and act in accordance with our ethos. This ethos is actually quite straightforward: single-source production, the key principle that our farming practices have been based on for generations, from the selection of the seeds all the way to distribution. We take the term “single source" literally and are always on the lookout for new, old, rediscovered and innovative organic products such as pseudocereals, ancient grains, pulses and seeds, selected in accordance with our standards of perfection, as anything else would fail to comply with our stringent quality criteria. We are conscious of our origins, but open to influences from all over the world and cater to the wishes of conscious consumers.

You might now be thinking to yourself: “But that’s what they all say!" If you don’t believe us, just get in touch. Critical customers are our favourite kind!

Organically farmed - no ifs, no buts

We are uncompromising organic farming rebels. Every single grain must have been raised 100% organically to make it into theMaryfield. Our love of nature guides us in everything we do, and this means that our partners only use GMO-free seeds to raise organic crops of outstanding quality.

Variety is the spice of life

Certified organic farming also means that we do without pesticides or herbicides, protecting all the creepy-crawlies that contribute to a flourishing, healthy eco-system. Living soil and natural biodiversity are the cornerstones of this eco-system that is kept thriving and healthy not by means of chemical fertilisers, but by relying on a thought-out crop rotation system and the long-standing expertise of our farmers. This way, we keep our customers happy (as well as the local bee population).

Sustainable production

Our production facilities also operate in an environmentally friendly manner, powered with electricity from renewable resources. This is where our precious raw materials are made into high-grade organic products. Our storage facilities are also “green" and do not require chemical storage protection agents. When it comes to packaging, we like to shake things up a bit: conventional plastics are not really our thing; we prefer environmentally friendly film plastics.

Continuous development

“Many years’ experience, extensive know-how…" We have all heard the catchwords before. But fact is: we grow with our tasks and have done so for generations. Because we know that what is true in nature is also true in business – if you don’t move with the times, you might just as well stand still. For this reason, we try to develop our agricultural production continuously, as well as the processing and refining methods of our organic products. This makes us true pioneers in the field of organic food development.

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what we hold dear

We have been doing what we're doing for quite a while – and we know what really counts in our farm business and our daily work for theMaryfield: promises you can trust, traceable product origins and honest farming practices. Enough to make any farmer proud!

100% Organically

100% organically produced raw materials (controlled biological cultivation)


Certainty for our customers thanks to recognised certifications

Environmentally friendly

Environmentally friendly, resource-efficient production


Regional origins as close as possible, as far as necessary

„Our greatest motivation is to maintain the natural variety of precious old and new organic crops and making them available to our customers.“

Sabine Krachbüchler
Chief Brand Warrior theMaryfield