We are theMaryfield

Our colourful range

At theMaryfield, we are true grain enthusiasts and really appreciate the incredible variety of these little miracles of nature. We specialise in four types of grains: pulses, ancient grains, pseudocereals and seeds are our “Big Four” for nature-conscious, delicious nutrition. The reason why we love those four categories so much is simple: pulses are bursting with protein and great providers of energy. Ancient and other grains give us precious minerals and trace elements, while pseudocereals supply us with vitamins and fibre. And when it comes to seeds, we love the fact that they have such a high unsaturated fatty acid content!

As most of our products are gluten-free, we are in a position to share our favourite grains with everyone hungry for the incredible variety of nature.

Organic Pulses

Cliff Hangerson

Organic Mountain Lentil

Cliff is an athlete through and through. No matter what he tries his hand at, he never runs out of stamina. However, he saves his lofty ambitions for his sport – when it comes to cooking, he is very down-to-earth. His favourites are salads and stews, as long as they are gluten-free, protein-rich and vegetarian. “I'll make mincemeat out of you," is the biggest compliment you could possibly pay him!

Céline Du Verte

Organic Mountain Lentil Du Puy-Style

Céline has a very traditional approach to life. She knows where she comes from and where she is going. Celine is committed to a conscious lifestyle and to protein-rich, gluten-free cooking. She loves salads and stews, where she undauntedly takes the part of meat with purely vegetarian protein.

Lydia Redfox

Organic Red Lentil

Cheeky Lydia is the tomboy of theMaryfield. When she isn't out on her skateboard with her best friend Sam, she is probably whizzing through the fields, eager to make new friends who are like her: colourful, exuberant and rich in vitamins, with a preference for gluten-free soups, stews and toppings.

Sam Honeyblonde

Organic Yellow Lentil

Laid-back Sam likes to take it easy – the word stress is not in his vocabulary. For Sam, things are best kept quick and simple: a cool salad here, a quick soup there, a gluten-free sandwich topping on the go – this is Sam's idea of hassle-free cooking, leaving him plenty of time for his favourite occupation: skate-boarding with Lydia!

Lady Chi Chi Roundbottom

Organic Chickpea

Lady Chi Chi with her gorgeous curves loves all things exotic. Not surprising, given her Eastern roots. She doesn't mind being curvy – quite the opposite! This gluten-free lady adds a “rounded" flavour note to everything, from spicy curries to creamy hummus and exquisite salads.

Black Eyed Pete

Organic Black Eyed Pea

Don't let Pete's black eye fool you – he's really not dangerous at all. The truth is that this “heavyweight" is gentle as a lamb and game for anything. He is known to have incredible stamina and likes to feed his muscles with protein-rich salads and stews.

Lord Henry Mungford

Organic Mung Bean

Lord Henry Mungford harks from an ancient noble family. However, being a down-to-earth kind of guy, he doesn't use his title much. His affable personality make him popular with everyone. Henry adds an elegant touch to dinner parties and gets on best with simple soups, stews or hummus, as long as all the other ingredients are gluten-free and high-quality – like himself!

Francesco Dhali

Organic Mung Bean Dhal

Francesco's artistic nature makes him one of theMaryfield's best-loved characters. His gentle, sensitive approach to cooking means that he is a pleasure to be around, especially if you share his dislike of gluten. As an artist, Francesco is keen on variety and happy to make an appearance in toppings, stews or soups – as long as he gets a chance to show his creative side!

Organic Ancient Grains

Goldy Miller

Organic golden millet

Goldy is a real lady and knows how to behave in any given situation. She likes to re-invent herself, making a perfect entrance in sweet soufflés as well as in savoury pan-fried dishes or patties. Thanks to her gentle, impeccable manners, she gets on with anyone, even those who suffer from food intolerances.

Pearl Cornwall

Organic Pearled Einkorn

Pearl by name, Pearl by nature: she is subtle and delicate like Goldy, earthy and rustic like Spencer. A long-standing doyenne of theMaryfield, Pearl is always happy to step in wherever she is needed – whether as a protagonist in risottos or in a walk-on part as a side dish.

Spencer Hully

Organic Pearled Spelt

Spencer is a down-to-earth kind of guy and native to these parts. He can trace his lineage back for hundreds of years – his ancestors all lived around here and were known for their beneficial effects on the population and the environment. Spencer is strong and earthy and really comes into his own in risottos and texture-rich side dishes where his strength and his stamina never fail to impress.

Organic Pseudocereals

Noah Quinten

Organic Quinoa

Hipster Noah is always a step ahead of his time. He is the perfect choice for all those who like it nutty and protein-rich and gets on well with allergy sufferers. To help him reach his full potential, try Noah in pan-fried dishes, salads and fillings of all kinds.

Amy Ranthus

Organic White Amaranth

Amy is Mary's sister and slightly more reticent than her counterpart. Amy is a sun worshipper and proud of her many talents: just like her sister, she has boundless energy, a preference for sweet or savoury porridges, patties or pastries with delicate fillings.

Mary Ranthus

Organic Black Amaranth

Mary may be small, but don't underestimate her! She is an absolute live wire and known to put on a fantastic show. A true culinary all-rounder, she adores salads just as much as soufflés and sweet or savoury fillings. Don't miss the double act she puts on together with her sister.

Buck Wheaten

Organic buckwheat

Good old Buck – his rugged charms never fail! He adds an earthy note to soups and stews and his inner values are considerable. Buck is not just a reliable staple – try inviting him to a more elegant dinner such as a delicate risotto, and he will surprise you: there is more to Buck than meets the eye.

Organic Seeds

Margaret Poppy

Organic Poppy Seed

Margaret is elegance personified and known for her sweet tooth. However, to ring the changes a bit, she is also not averse to savoury baked goods. And once you get to know Margaret better, you will see that she is a lot more versatile than people give her credit for. Befriend her and you may be given the honour of calling her “Marge"!

Angelo Chiaconti

Organic Chia

Angelo is the gourmet genius in theMaryfield family. He turns just a few selected ingredients into delicious desserts that do not require eggs and also likes to try his hand at cakes and pastries. He prefers to keep things raw and gluten-free and will keep you full for longer while you are working on your next masterpiece.

Prof. Arthur Brown

Organic Brown Linseed

The professor is renowned for his extraordinary memory and his dazzling intelligence. “Unsaturated fatty acids are essential for brain development!" is one of his favourite sayings, and he certainly lives by it. He adds an intellectual note to nutritious muesli, smoothies and baked goods of all kinds – gluten-free, of course. And if you are looking for creative inspiration to replace eggs in your cooking, the professor will be pleased to help!

Organic Flour

Dave Brownell

Organic browntop millet flour

A rough exterior, a heart of gold – that’s Dave in a nutshell. His thick hair and strong nails make him the heartthrob of theMaryfield. No wonder! He loves smoothies, mueslis and flour-free baked goods, as long as they are packed with minerals and fibre. Remember that, girls!

Anastasia Millow

Organic millet flour

As a keen dancer, Anastasia knows about the importance of flexibility – in the kitchen as well as on the dance floor. She serves up delicate pastries, elegant baked goods, healthy smoothies or versatile soufflés, all with dedication, grace, and the obligatory twirl.

Tina Wheeling

Organic buckwheat flour

Tina is a true power girl – cheeky, extravagant and always true to herself and her hands-on mentality. Whether nutrient-packed breads and other baked goods, nutty pancakes or blinis, she turns everything into an adventure. And with Tina, even those suffering from food intolerances can have their cake and eat it, too!

Jim Lenter

Organic lentil flour

Jim likes to do things his own way. Athletic, relaxed and with a great deal of life experience, he is the ideal role model for all those with an independent spirit. If you are willing to listen, Jim is happy to share his latest creations with you, from protein-packed baked goods to low-carb pasta and savoury pancakes. And who knows, he might even impart the odd piece of worldly wisdom!

Maria Legumbre

Organic bean flour

¡Viva Maria! Maria adds flavour to your life – whether sweet or savoury, she is invariably gentle and wholesome. And her tortillas, made to an ancient family recipe, prove once and for all that Mexican food doesn’t always have to be spicy. ¡Olé!